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Your trainers for this course are Simon Dunant, Director of Online Learning, Iain Ure, Front End Developer, and John Siemiatkoski, Sales Engineer, Engaging Networks.

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In this course you’ll learn how to access the resources that enable you to build back end applications and interfaces that extend the reach of Engaging Networks  A minimum pre-requisite for taking and completing this course is a basic understanding of network technologies, scripting languages and online security best practice.

You can choose to accredit for either of the API disciplines: Bulk Data API or REST API, depending on the focus of the work you do with clients. Developers that work on front end or mobile apps might choose REST API for example, whereas data integration partners might focus solely on the Bulk Data API. Whichever subject you choose we would recommend reviewing the data module as this applies to all API disciplines.

The exam questions are based on the course content, so it’s important that before taking each exam you are confident you’ve fully reviewed the videos, information, links and downloads in each module. You’ll also be asked to choose and submit ONE of the three assignments at the end of this course.

Once you have completed the training and appropriate exams, please submit your application for accreditation in the final section.

The total training time for this course is circa: 4 hours

Taking The Training

This course forms part of the formal accreditation process for partners. Your goal is to work through the training curriculum below and complete the exam at the end of each module.

In addition to this training, further reference material can be found on our supportal.

 If you have prior experience using the platform you may skip any video lessons that you already are proficient in.  You must however always complete the exam at the end of each module

Next steps after completing the training


You are required to submit an assignments for page-builder and/or email. Please read the scoring criteria for each assignment carefully and pay attention to the pass marks required.

Accreditation Submission

Once you have completed the required exams and assignments you can submit your request your accreditation evaluation in the final section ‘Accreditation Submission’