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Your trainer for this course is Simon Dunant, Director of Online Learning, Engaging Networks.

This course is for Engaging Networks internal employees and is designed to give you the basic general  awareness of security threats to our business and how you can help prevent them. More specialised security training for various departments is also on the roadmap.

There are 22 lessons in this course, although each one is on average around 5 minutes long. In addition to our own in house training, we’ve also included an entertaining series of videos produced by the National Cyber Security Alliance to help cement the principles discussed in this training.

Your goal is to work through each of the lessons in this course (you’ll need to watch each video entirely to mark each lesson as complete). Once all lessons are complete you must also achieve a 90% score in the exam and complete a security checklist to achieve compliance.

You will receive your course completion certificate when your course progress meter is at 100%.

The total time to put aside to take this course: 1 hour 30 minutes