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In this course you’ll gain an in depth understanding on how to successfully help clients implement and migrate to the Engaging Networks platform. The training videos and resources have been created with our team members from right across the many parts of our business to unlock ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge of how our team and the platform operate. 
This course is our ‘Masters Course’. It is designed to turn strategies into actions and help clients reach their organisational goals. Thank you for investing your agency’s time in this accreditation. Together we can help our mutual clients make a difference.
Simon Dunant, Director of Online Learning, Engaging Networks

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An accredited Implementation partner will be able to translate client needs into the use of Engaging Networks, motivate the client in the use of our solutions, and help project manage a client’s implementation and migration to our platform.

The exam questions are based on the course content, so it’s important that before taking the accreditation exam you are confident you’ve fully reviewed the videos, information, links and downloads in each module. In addition to the exam we’ll also ask you to complete and submit an assignment.

Once you have completed the training and appropriate exams, please submit your application for accreditation in the final section.

The total training time for this course is circa: 8 hours

Taking The Training

This course forms part of the formal accreditation process for partners. Your goal is to work through the training curriculum below and complete the exam at the end of each module.

In addition to this training, further reference material can be found on our supportal.

If you have prior experience using the platform you may skip any video lessons that you already are proficient in.  You must however complete the exam and assignment at the end of the course.

Next steps after completing the training


You are required to submit an assignment to be considered for accreditation. Please read the assignment requirements carefully

Accreditation Submission

Once you have completed the exam and assignment you can submit your request your accreditation evaluation in the final section ‘Request For Accreditation’