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It’s time to get re-accredited! By now you should have received an email or alert advising you that as an Engaging Networks accredited partner you need to renew your accreditation after each full year that you’re included in the accreditation program.
You’ll need to work through this short Re-Accreditation 2020 course and apply for re-accreditation at the end of the training as soon as possible, or you may lose your accredited status, your listing in our partner directory, and the opportunity to participate in our content channels. 
Approximate course time: 1h 30m

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Taking The Training

This short course forms part of the formal re-accreditation 2020 process for partners who have been accredited for 1 year or longer. 

Your goal is to work through the training curriculum below and complete the re-accreditation exam. We may also ask you for further supporting information to evaluate your re-accreditation.

In addition to this training, further reference material can be found on our supportal.

Next steps after completing the training


If your agency has participated in our webinars, conference presentations or other channels during 2019 please note these in the re-accreditation form as we’ll take these into account during re-accreditation.


Once you have completed the training and exams you can submit your request for re-accreditation in the final section.